Le Groupe Estoppey-Reber a pris la mesure des risques associés à la pandémie par le virus COVID-19 "Coronavirus" sur le territoire suisse et...

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In Aegerten und in Châtel-St-Denis können bei uns Tesla Fahrzeuge aufgeladen werden.

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Steiger Surface treatments for dental implants

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New Image video 130th anniversary

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Our brochure: Groupe Estoppey-Reber


  • Gold, silver, palladium, rhodium
  • Chemcal nickel, tin, tin-lead, tin-nickel
  • Ultrinox, NiPo Coat, Vibroplating
  • Passivation, electropolishing, titanium anodizing
  • Engraving, micro blasting, cleaning, laser engraving


  • Funktional metal layers for electronics and micromechanics
  • Specialty: High quality, delicate parts by mass of the vibration method
  • Decorative and industrial coatings for the watch industry
  • Medical technology


  • Fully automated electroplating
  • Vibrobots - Vibroplating
  • Automaten mit Vibrationsförderung
  • Selective Bandveredelung